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    Triad RUVO
    Parts & Service Department
    Tech, Tooling, & Parts for all brands of housing machinery
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    Door Protection
    Lockstraps, Door Clips, Hinge Protectors, and Sticky Pads
    Universal Fit
    Helps with easy door installation
    Prevents damage to doors
    For exterior and interior doors
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    Experience You Can Trust

    Triad RUVO machinery has been the builder's source
    for automated housing machinery since 1960.

The Triad RUVO Parts Department specializes
in tech, tooling, and parts for All Brands.

The parts we sell can be used for brands such as Triad, RUVO, Norfield, Kval, Wise, and more. We can also help you find the part you need.

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What we do?

We provide what businesses like yours need to keep rolling. Many companies rely on us for their "one-stop shop".
Don't see it? We can probably source it!

Superb Service

To us, it's more than selling our own parts, which is why we want to help you to find what you need.

Timely Help

We understand that a missing part means downtime, and downtime leads to lost profits. By stocking our shelves with essential machinery parts, we can help you avoid unnecessary lead times and get your parts and consumables to you sooner.

Experienced Sales

Our Parts and Service Department has over 20 years of combined service in the housing machining industry. We will be able to provide you with accurate and experienced assistance.

Our Parts Department can find the part you need!

Don't waste time searching, just give us a call and our knowledgeable service department will help you find the perfect part.

Our Machines

Shop our wall, door, and stair machines and accessories.

Door Protection

This line of products is specifically designed to protect your doors through transporting to installing.

About Us

The Triad Ruvo Parts & Service Deparment is here to help you with your consumables or parts for your wall panel tables, bridges, door machines, stair machines, and much more. Of course we can help you with Triad and RUVO machines, but we are more than happy to assist you with all other brands of equipment in the industry, whether they be common or uncommon.


Our Service Members

Meet our team of experienced members here to help you.

Maria Delgado | Department Manager

(800)568-7423 ext. 188

Daisy Green | Senior Account Executive

(800)568-7423 ext. 239

Andrew Lyons | Account Executive

(800)568-7423 ext. 150

Joana Franco | Account Executive

(800)568-7423 ext. 159

Chris Burda | Account Executive

(800)568-7423 ext. 136

Francisco Ramirez photo

Francisco Ramirez | Account Executive

(800)568-7423 ext. 217

Our Installation and Tech Support Team

From installing your equipment to supporting our Parts & Service Department after the installation.








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